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264a Washwood Heath road,
Washwood Heath,
Birmingham, B8 1SH
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0121 328 5354
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Each individual room takes our children on a fantastic journey, to support development in a caring and nourishing environment, meeting all children’s needs where possible!! At the end of each day, you will receive a daily diary which will tell you all about your childs day…..All rooms follow routines to provide structure and stability for the children to ensure that they feel safe at all times. If you would like any more information at all, please contact us! 


And finally, the children will graduate, finishing on the moon as they exceed all limits! In the preschool room, we aim to prepare the children in every way for their big school transition, and realistically provide them with a positive head start to their future life. This is done in a series of ways, for example experiences designed to meet each individual child’s requirements and qualities to extend their development.
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264a Washwood Heath road, Washwood Heath, Birmingham, B8 1SH Tel: 0121 328 5354 Email: